Theo Thompson

Founder & CEO

Theo brings a variety of experiences to his role as CEO of The Invested Collective - He previously held a city government position where he co-authored community development legislation and worked to mitigate economic disparities. Theo strengthened programmatic functions and expanded partnerships at a Philadelphia non-profit focusing on micro-lending and technical assistance to disadvantaged entrepreneurs. While in Washington, DC he expanded educational opportunities for many as a professional in the education reform movement. Currently, Theo is the Director of Operations for a Charter School in the NYC metro area. 

While pursing his PhD at Rutgers University, his research interests revolved around social capital and how to leverage it to minimize poverty while creating a pipeline of sustainable solutions. The Invested Collective was the result. 

Theo received his Bachelors in English and Communications at Westminster College in Fulton, MO, holds a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Non-profit Management, and recently obtained a Masters in Community Development from Rutgers University.   


Board of Directors 

Rainer NsenkiTreasurer

Rainer is an Engagement Controller for Cerner Corporation, where he manages the implementation of modern healthcare solutions to small low- capital hospitals throughout the United States. His work in healthcare provides small hospital facilities with the ability to afford contemporary healthcare technology, which they could not otherwise.

He graduated with a BA in Economic Development and Business Administration from Westminster College located in Fulton, MO.  

Nina Badoe, Secretary  

Nina participated as a patient advocate for the Medical legal partnership of Richmond, serving as an educator for teen health programs in the greater DC area and serving as a volunteer with the Greater DC Cares organization.

In 2014, Nina received her medical degree from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and is currently completing her residency in Internal Medicine.