The Problem

America’s poor & disadvantaged communities of color face many issues related to their economic status in America – from inadequate education to joblessness. While access to knowledge in the 21st century has become easier than ever, the poor are rarely connected to such a database. Research indicates that social isolation plays a prolific role in this disconnect. Communities of color find themselves especially isolated as they are the sole experiencers of concentrated poverty.

The Solution 

The Invested Collective attempts to rectify this issue and connect members of the underclass with upwardly mobile populations. Bridging the gap between the populations ensures the exchange of financial and human capital.  

Financial capital is exchanged through use of an online crowd-funding component in which organizations and individuals can create a project tied to increased social economic status (i.e. education, job skills, self-employment) that is funded by the masses. The ability to share knowledge and skills relevant to a particular project online and offline functions as both the human capital and social capital component.